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The ever-popular Chill & Grill. Where you get to kick back in the nice September weather, share some dogs with your dawgs (sorry), crack open a cold beverage and enjoy the last day of summer. We've worked hard for this day -well, technically the labor force of the 1800's did but it's symbolic so shut it- so we're gonna enjoy it! Come through, meet some new people, and see if some surprises don't pop up!

Daley Park <--- we'll be there from 2-6!



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Broomball. The one-game tournament of champions. A game where it's just you, the ball, and your broom paddle thingy. And about 80 other people. All on the ice. In your clothes. A night that gets bigger and bigger every year, and every year someone wipes out spectacularly to the joy and merriment of all.

But it's okay, because some'll pick you back up and dust the snow off you and tell ya ta get back IN THERE, DAD DIDN'T RAISE A QUITTER NOW!

So anyway Broomball is at 9pm at Oceanside Ice Arena. Sign up for Uber with the promo code SNOWDEVILS for $30 in free credit! And/or you and some friends can even fare split it, so you get to roll up in a dope blacked out SUV and pay like... nothing between you. Oceanside is pretty close. Members play free, as with all our events, and friends we ask for the generous donation of a five-spot to help pay for the ice time, etc. SEE YA TONIGHT!

NOTE: Playing broomball makes you hotter than you'd think. Dress accordingly.

WARMER! I didn't mean like... you'll be more sexually attractive and wear something skanky (although technically the wrong impetus, the desired end-result roughly is the same) I just meant wear like, jeans and a tshirt or something like that. Warm but not too warm. Good lord.

Red Bull Sound Select - CLASSIXX!

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TONIGHT! Red Bull Sound Select is bringing CLASSIXX to the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix! The dude is super slick, heard him on Diplo and Friends a while back and was hooked. Red Bull's got a double-decker party bus coming to pick people up at El Hefe Tempe on Mill at 7, so be there with your dancing pants on!

weber tailgate!

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WEAR GOLD! We’re kicking off the season with a nice tailgate situation over at Karsten Golf Course just down the street from the stadium starting at 5! Members get to utilize everything under the tent for free, all others (and you’re ALL invited!) we ask if you’d pitch us a 5-spot so we can keep doing these things, but bigger and better every time! So come on through and let’s have some fun before kickoff! GO DEVILS!


social tuesdays

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Tuesday. We’re going to redefine that day. Monday sucks, Wednesday is Hump Day, Thursday is for those who are thirsty, and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday are all good news… but Tuesday? Tuesday seems kinda lonely. Starting in September, a certain special venue on Mill that we’ve just recently had the pleasure of partnering with is hosting us every week and is open to ALL AGES! At least until 9. So we’ll get to that after we have our fun Tailgate (oh just wait until we post that news like… tomorrow or Wednesday) and Broomball nights, but for now, just know that…


Pre-Grill @ vista

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We're chillin and grillin, but it's not the Chill & Grill. We'll call it the pre-grill! Come to Vista del Sol and kick it with us at the pool! Bring us something to grill and we'll hit it with fire!

passport to asu

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Hey crew!

We’re gonna be at Passport if you need to sign up, or grab your membership package if you’ve signed up online. We won’t have a booth, but we’ll be wandering around in this years member shirts (pictured above in mens and womens tees and tanks, a Snowdevil first!) and trying to stand out by wearing ski goggles, carrying boards, etc. If you see one of us, SHOUT! Get our attention, come say hi, hear what the club’s all about, and get signed up!

If ya miss us there, we’ll be hosting a tailgate for the Weber State game (as we will with every game, but the location is TBD at the moment) and as always, our annual Broomball game will take place at Oceanside Ice Arena at 9pm on the 30th! It’s always a huuuuuge event so it’s the perfect time to meet your fellow Snowdevils and get up-close and personal. Literally. It’s chaos on ice and it’s an avalanche of fun so be sure that you don't miss it!