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You’ve only got until 12.5 to secure your spot on our big Crested Butte trip this year! With over 600 students from all over the US meeting us up there, it’s guaranteed to be an absolute blowout shitshow awesometastic party of epic proportions. Crested, if you didn’t know, is the town that Bud Light took over for the “Up For Whatever” campaign (and yes, that did actually happen) so they’re primed and ready for the ragefest we’re about to bring to them, but the show doesn’t start til we get there so sign up now before it’s too late! DO IT NOW BEFORE YOU REGRET THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FOREVER AND EVER! Just click the picture and it’ll take you to our online portal where everything is laid out nice and easy.

and the big trip is…

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It’s been over 7 years since we were here and it left such a lasting impression that when we heard we could do it this year, we lost our shit and signed up immediately. One of our favorite trips of recent memory, Crested Butte will not be one to be missed. With plenty of groomers and bowls alike, this mountain has something for everyone. Last year around this time they got up to 10 fresh inches (ha) a day right along side bluebirds, and with El Nino on the way (as well as other factors I assume, I’m a website not a doctor) we’re sure to see some solid Colorado pow.
For 4 bills and some change you can spend five days in that glorious, pant-tightening powder. “But what about when I’m not riding?” you whine like a three year old. “Well non-gender-specific-child,” I respond as your stern yet fair father “let me ‘splain some shit to ya!”
We’re partying our way to the mountain in style via luxury coaches, metaphorically alongside hundreds of your fellow students from Universities across the US. You go to ASU (currently and respectably ranked 15th just shy of the filthy commoners known as UofEh at 14th. They will perish.) known world-over for being the kings and queens of putting on a good time. Every year, those other colleges try to prove that they can dethrone us for no reason other than they feel like it’s necessary and every time they invite us to their rooms to prove it. I don’t really get it, it’s not a contest but fine, if you want to lose at that too be my guest. Anyway, you’re all staying in the same complexes and the town is within a dachshund’s throw from you. A town full of a throbbing nightlife, complete with class-A dive bars and  restaurants as well as a host of delicious fellow tourists and a smattering of locals just waiting to be whisked away to your Axe/Weed hybrid cloud of a cabin, enthralled endlessly by your witty and clever musings about how if Hillary Clinton wins 2016, it would be the first time two presidents have had sex with each other. Or y’all can invite some friends over and just kick it in the cabin and play some Kings or CAH or something I’m your father not your mom, I don’t care how you get down as long as it’s funky. There will be one-a them disco concerts you kids like, and since you’re with us you get in free so get pumped for that and pack your dancin’ shoes.

Hot tubs, adventures, riding with your crew, random encounters, nights out, friends made, times shared, big foot, there so much to do and so little time to write about it but ALL of it can be yours by simply CLICKING THE FUCK HERE AND SIGNING UP FOR ONE OF THE MOST MEMORABLE TIMES YOU'LL HAVE AT ASU!

I’m Bob Dole, and I approve this message.

wolf creek mothafuckaaaaaa!

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One of our all-time favorite trips, Thanksgiving to Wolf Creek, CO is not to be missed. Spend a week with the coolest club in AZ riding, partying, and making friends for life. We ride up there the day before Thanksgiving and throw ourselves a little housewarming party, pass out, wake up, hit the slopes, come home, watch the ASU game (thanks to the magic of Chromecast!) while eating a hand-prepared Thanksgiving meal, party again, rinse, repeat! We’re out there for three amazing days of riding in the most snow Colorado has to offer –497 inches annually on average!– and to cap the whole trip off we have a nice little group outing to the local hotsprings in Pagosa to soothe dat ass and see if we can’t get kicked out this time! Somehow we never get in trouble, it’s a mystery to me.

SO! If you’re looking to get on this fantastic little trip of ours, shoot us an email with your name, phone number, if you can drive (we are carpooling), if you need a rental, and any other special details you might need to fill us in about. Allergies for instance. That’s never been a problem but hey, ya never know. The captain’s allergic to fuckin’ cinnamon. Weird right? Anywhoozle, spots are gonna go fast so make sure you’re on top of it! We’d love to have you come with us. WINTER IS COMING!

*price may lower, this is a safe estimate.

tailgates aplenty

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This game day, we’ve got some treats! Firstly, our friends at Coke Zero are going to be setting up with us in the NE Parking Lot of Rural and Rio to give away some refreshments and… toys or something who knows what they’ve got planned. There’ll be cold ‘Zero for sure though. There’ll also be the usual adult refreshments (IN A CAN… calm down enforcement officials) and games and such. And if that’s not enough, we’ll also be set up over at Gringo-Star on Mill and 5th where Grand Theft will be spinning and there’ll be an extension with all the same games and drinks stuff just bigger and in bar. No Coke Zero goodies though. So pick your poison! Parking lot tailgate with Coke Zero, or Bar…king lot tailgate with Grand Theft. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

…unless you’re not of legal drinking age yet in which case the choice is kinda made for ya.

working for the weekend

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Hey team! So this upcoming week (10/9, 10/10 and 10/11) we’ve got some special events headed to yer FACE!

On Thursday the 9th (that’s the beginning of the weekend right?), come join us for Absinthe Films - Heavy Mental - Phoenix Premiere Party!! Presented by Snow Peeps. It’ll be $7 advance $10 day of and the film will be broadcast twice during the event. Ticket purchase gets entry into Grand Prize drawing at the event where there’ll be DJs, Live Art, Prizes, Giveaways, Free-Swag, Discount Sale Items, a 50/50 raffle PLUS: Enter to win a Utah trip with Pro Snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya!!!! It doesn’t get more premium than that.

Don’t put your dancing shoes away so fast though, the following day on the 10th we’ve got our friends at Crossfit Haboob hosting a fundraiser beer pong tournament on the Terrace at 5C (roof above Mad Hatter on 5th and College in Tempe) to help build their new Olympic lifting room! $20/team gets you all the foamy fun you could ask for while simultaneously hanging out with a rad group of folks and makin' merry.

Finally, on October 11th we've got our Winterfest '86 extravaganza! Details are on the way, but it's going to involve some snow, some sponsors, some exercise, some relaxing, some games, some drinks, some food... it's gonna be a 'fest for the rest.

And as always, swing by our all-ages Socials every Tuesday from 7-9p at Gringo Star on Mill for some arcade/N64 fun, good food, great times, drinks and merriment! SEE YA SOON!

ucla tailgates

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Two options this week! Everyone’s invited to our spot on top of Tyler Parking Structure, but for those of you who are 21 or older, you and your crew can come to Moonshine and play some beer (water, technically) pong on a snowboard! There will be prizes. See ya soon!

heavy mental film screening

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The Absinthe Films crew has been pumping out some of the best snowboard movies for over a decade now. Their newest movie Heavy Mental looks like it is continuing with this tradition of scary AK lines, heavy street spots, and large backcountry kickers, and you’re invited! Absinthe Films is on the forefront of today’s snowboarding. Some of the worlds best riders star every year in the Absinthe movies and push the sport to the next level. Come Party and enjoy their latest release on the big screen!

$7 advance $10 day of. Film will be broadcast twice during the event.
You can purchase tickets here!
Ticket purchase gets entry into Grand Prize drawing at the event.
DJ, Live Art, Prizes, Giveaways, Free-Swag, Sale Items, 50/50 raffle.
Plus: Enter to win a Utah trip with Pro Snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya!
Grand Prize drawing items:
Lift tickets
Bus Trips w/lift ticket included
Gift cards
plus more…

Special Thanks to Local Sponsors:
Action Watersports, Alpine Ski & Adventure Club, Arizona Snowbowl, BlackSoxInk, Coolin-out Lifestyle Brand, Desert Snow Connection, Grey Matter Family Bike Shop, Heavy Pedal, Monarch Theatre, Ski-Pro, Snowdevils, Swappow & ThirdKnuckle