passport to asu

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Hey crew!

We’re gonna be at Passport if you need to sign up, or grab your membership package if you’ve signed up online. We won’t have a booth, but we’ll be wandering around in this years member shirts (pictured above in mens and womens tees and tanks, a Snowdevil first!) and trying to stand out by wearing ski goggles, carrying boards, etc. If you see one of us, SHOUT! Get our attention, come say hi, hear what the club’s all about, and get signed up!

If ya miss us there, we’ll be hosting a tailgate for the Weber State game (as we will with every game, but the location is TBD at the moment) and as always, our annual Broomball game will take place at Oceanside Ice Arena at 9pm on the 30th! It’s always a huuuuuge event so it’s the perfect time to meet your fellow Snowdevils and get up-close and personal. Literally. It’s chaos on ice and it’s an avalanche of fun so be sure that you don't miss it!

50th Anniversary kickoff party

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We’re taking over Zuma on Mill Ave with the crew from Scottsdale's Mint nightclub this Monday the 18th! Come hang out with us, meet this year’s crew, join up, get weird, or just grab a cold one. We’ll be there all night some come on by and say hi! Everyone 21+ is invited :) 605 S. Mill Ave, Tempe AZ. We'll have a table, so if you want one call 602.705.1510 and tell them the Snowdevils sent ya!

Mad Hatter Re-opens

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Our local hangout spot Mad Hatter is returning from their summer break and they’re throwing a party! Our homie and artist Amens is re-painting that garbage mural in the back (finally!) and there’ll be drinks and music and merriment all night! Afterwards we might have something in store for you as well, so roll through and let’s have some fun this weekend! It’s been a while since we’ve seen ya ;)

We’re 50!

Yup, this school year marks the 50th anniversary of Arizona’s favorite renegade ski & snowboard crew. With that in mind, we’ve done our best to plan the sickest year we could so be sure to keep an eye out for the goggles. You’ll begin to see us crop up at Mad Hatter on the 9th, Zuma on the 18th, and then Passport at ASU on the 20th and beyond! Anytime you see a group of Snowdevils, and you wanna join, just come up to us and ask! Big BIG things to come this season, and we hope to see each and every one of you devils there. This year we're going to make sure that every Snowdevil event is exactly what you want it to be: fun, safe, original, and a little bit rowdy. They've done a lot to keep us and other social clubs/orgs down and out, but seeing as we're still around, let's get together and fuckin' send it, yeah?!

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If you’re friends with us on the Facebible you know that we like to have fun. With that in mind, we’ve started Get Weird Wednesdays™ in which we post three new songs of a genre that we’re feeling that week. Sometimes it’s sexy, sometimes it’s H.A.M. and sometimes it’s weird. The whole point is to help spread the word about new music, see what you guys are listening to, and have some fun. If you see us post a #GWW trio, add your voice and post some of your favorite songs from that genre!

Here’s this weeks (hit the "comments" button to see all three):

5th of July Retox Party

Because you've got plans for the 4th, we like to party, it's a Saturday, and the word "retox" tricks me into thinking that's a thing.

So you've done the shooty-boom fireworks thing maybe, perhaps the lake was your deal, or maybe you were just kicking it with the family. Well that's nice. NOW it's time to party like you wanted to: with drinking games a DJ and a pool. Ya know, like it's 1776

This July 5th, we set the precedent for post-holiday celebrations; no more will people look at Boxing Day or... whatever else happens after holidays, they'll look towards this here 5th of July party. I swear. There'll be a BAGS TOURNAMENT and BEER PONG and a POOL and a BOWL to skateboard in! There'll also be beer and snacks (feel free to bring more) and assorted goodies throughout the day. Green Friendly! ;)

To Recap: A Pool, a Bowl, Pong, Bags, Booze, Music, Friends, Fun. Sound like a plan? Of course it does.

RSVP on Facebook Here

GFG Open

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Oh what, you’ve never played bar golf? Or you have but it’s been a while? Well the Snowdevils and Zuma have got you covered.

Objective: Go to 9 bars (holes) and see what team can get the lowest bar golf score. Winning team wins a trophy and bragging rights for a year. All entry fees and raffle money will be donated to Phoenix Children's Hospital. Prizes will be given to the funniest dressed team and most provocatively dressed team. Golf attire is highly recommended.

Entry Fee: $20 per person ($40 a team) All entry fees will be donated to Phoenix Children Hospital. Entry fee also included 8 raffle tickets to various prizes provided by sponsors.
Start Point: Loco Patron
Ending Point: Zuma Grill
The 9 "holes" include: Loco Patron, Tavern, Gringo Star, Bison Witches, C.A.S.A., World of Beer, Fat Tuesday, Mill Cue Club and Zuma Grill

Click Here to RSVP on Facebook and get some more info!