If you’re friends with us on the Facebible you know that we like to have fun. With that in mind, we’ve started Get Weird Wednesdays™ in which we post three new songs of a genre that we’re feeling that week. Sometimes it’s sexy, sometimes it’s H.A.M. and sometimes it’s weird. The whole point is to help spread the word about new music, see what you guys are listening to, and have some fun. If you see us post a #GWW trio, add your voice and post some of your favorite songs from that genre!

Here’s this weeks (hit the "comments" button to see all three):

5th of July Retox Party

Because you've got plans for the 4th, we like to party, it's a Saturday, and the word "retox" tricks me into thinking that's a thing.

So you've done the shooty-boom fireworks thing maybe, perhaps the lake was your deal, or maybe you were just kicking it with the family. Well that's nice. NOW it's time to party like you wanted to: with drinking games a DJ and a pool. Ya know, like it's 1776

This July 5th, we set the precedent for post-holiday celebrations; no more will people look at Boxing Day or... whatever else happens after holidays, they'll look towards this here 5th of July party. I swear. There'll be a BAGS TOURNAMENT and BEER PONG and a POOL and a BOWL to skateboard in! There'll also be beer and snacks (feel free to bring more) and assorted goodies throughout the day. Green Friendly! ;)

To Recap: A Pool, a Bowl, Pong, Bags, Booze, Music, Friends, Fun. Sound like a plan? Of course it does.

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GFG Open

Oh what, you’ve never played bar golf? Or you have but it’s been a while? Well the Snowdevils and Zuma have got you covered.

Objective: Go to 9 bars (holes) and see what team can get the lowest bar golf score. Winning team wins a trophy and bragging rights for a year. All entry fees and raffle money will be donated to Phoenix Children's Hospital. Prizes will be given to the funniest dressed team and most provocatively dressed team. Golf attire is highly recommended.

Entry Fee: $20 per person ($40 a team) All entry fees will be donated to Phoenix Children Hospital. Entry fee also included 8 raffle tickets to various prizes provided by sponsors.
Start Point: Loco Patron
Ending Point: Zuma Grill
The 9 "holes" include: Loco Patron, Tavern, Gringo Star, Bison Witches, C.A.S.A., World of Beer, Fat Tuesday, Mill Cue Club and Zuma Grill

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The legendary trip is back!

Join the Snowdevils as we hit our favorite spring break spot in Big Bear, CA! We've got a SICK three story, 20-person cabin right near the lake, complete with entertainment cave, bar, buffalo head, running water, the whole nine! Trip includes food, booze, lodging and transportation via carpool, all for ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLwhatsthat? Oh, sorry.

ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Last year we included lift tickets but a lot of people picked and chose what days they wanted to go, so this year we're letting you grab how many lift passes you want when we get there, all nice and easy like. A 3 day pass will probably ring in around the $150 mark, possibly less, we're looking for deals as you read this. As for any Snowdevils trip, our sponsors will be providing many goodies for us from the likes of Red Bull, Molly Water, RAW Rolling Papers, Beer Bongs for World Peace, Sierra Nevada, and more! So come have fun with your favorite renegades and let's turn up on the slopes!

Click here to RSVP and get your spot reserved!


That’s right, now you can keep your dome-piece warm and toasty just like your GamGam wanted you to! These little cable-knit beauties come in Black or Grey and are perfect for the mountain or just sporting around town. You can find them in the store here on the website. All proceeds go to good times with the crew ;)


SNOWDEVILS x MOLLY WATER Crossover Shirts For Sale!

They’re finally here, the SNOWDEVILSxMOLLY WATER game day shirts! Show your ASU and Snowdevil pride and rock this to your next tailgate or just about the town. There are only 20 of these in existence, so get yours QUICK. You can find them in the online store here on the website.



A new year, a new beginning. 2014 marks the new face of the Snowdevils. And to kick it off right, we’re hosting a black tie casino party, all proceeds of which benefit the Phoenix Children’s hospital. If you’re still looking for something to do on NYE, give the Facebook event a once-over. Over 100 people are already RSVP’d so it looks like we’re gonna be ringing in the new year just the way we like it: turned up.