Exbo Card 15


LOOKING for a fun job that pays in everything except cash? Are you hyper self-motivated to turn strong potential into reality? Do you have an insatiable lust for snow and snow activities? Do you want to help run one of the oldest organizations out of ASU? Well have we got the opportunity for you!


With the new year comes new staff (well, a few new ones at least) and we're starting that search for next season NOW! These are the main six positions, but we'll DEFINITELY need people to fill in the blanks (shredterns?) and help out with day-to-day affairs. Our club is only as strong as our members and staff, so the more dedicated people we have the better! We'll get you acclimated over the Spring semester, dialed over Summer and then BAM it's Fall and it's time for you and your crew to shine!


So hit us up here or email us at thesnowdevils@gmail.com and let us know if you see yourself having a future with Arizona's original renegade ski and snowboard crew! It's easily one of the best times you can have in AZ.

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