wolf creek mothafuckaaaaaa!


One of our all-time favorite trips, Thanksgiving to Wolf Creek, CO is not to be missed. Spend a week with the coolest club in AZ riding, partying, and making friends for life. We ride up there the day before Thanksgiving and throw ourselves a little housewarming party, pass out, wake up, hit the slopes, come home, watch the ASU game (thanks to the magic of Chromecast!) while eating a hand-prepared Thanksgiving meal, party again, rinse, repeat! We’re out there for three amazing days of riding in the most snow Colorado has to offer –497 inches annually on average!– and to cap the whole trip off we have a nice little group outing to the local hotsprings in Pagosa to soothe dat ass and see if we can’t get kicked out this time! Somehow we never get in trouble, it’s a mystery to me.

SO! If you’re looking to get on this fantastic little trip of ours, shoot us an email with your name, phone number, if you can drive (we are carpooling), if you need a rental, and any other special details you might need to fill us in about. Allergies for instance. That’s never been a problem but hey, ya never know. The captain’s allergic to fuckin’ cinnamon. Weird right? Anywhoozle, spots are gonna go fast so make sure you’re on top of it! We’d love to have you come with us. WINTER IS COMING!

*price may lower, this is a safe estimate.

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