tailgates aplenty


This game day, we’ve got some treats! Firstly, our friends at Coke Zero are going to be setting up with us in the NE Parking Lot of Rural and Rio to give away some refreshments and… toys or something who knows what they’ve got planned. There’ll be cold ‘Zero for sure though. There’ll also be the usual adult refreshments (IN A CAN… calm down enforcement officials) and games and such. And if that’s not enough, we’ll also be set up over at Gringo-Star on Mill and 5th where Grand Theft will be spinning and there’ll be an extension with all the same games and drinks stuff just bigger and in bar. No Coke Zero goodies though. So pick your poison! Parking lot tailgate with Coke Zero, or Bar…king lot tailgate with Grand Theft. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

…unless you’re not of legal drinking age yet in which case the choice is kinda made for ya.

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