Broomball. The one-game tournament of champions. A game where it's just you, the ball, and your broom paddle thingy. And about 80 other people. All on the ice. In your clothes. A night that gets bigger and bigger every year, and every year someone wipes out spectacularly to the joy and merriment of all.

But it's okay, because some'll pick you back up and dust the snow off you and tell ya ta get back IN THERE, DAD DIDN'T RAISE A QUITTER NOW!

So anyway Broomball is at 9pm at Oceanside Ice Arena. Sign up for Uber with the promo code SNOWDEVILS for $30 in free credit! And/or you and some friends can even fare split it, so you get to roll up in a dope blacked out SUV and pay like... nothing between you. Oceanside is pretty close. Members play free, as with all our events, and friends we ask for the generous donation of a five-spot to help pay for the ice time, etc. SEE YA TONIGHT!

NOTE: Playing broomball makes you hotter than you'd think. Dress accordingly.

WARMER! I didn't mean like... you'll be more sexually attractive and wear something skanky (although technically the wrong impetus, the desired end-result roughly is the same) I just meant wear like, jeans and a tshirt or something like that. Warm but not too warm. Good lord.

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