We’re 50!

Yup, this school year marks the 50th anniversary of Arizona’s favorite renegade ski & snowboard crew. With that in mind, we’ve done our best to plan the sickest year we could so be sure to keep an eye out for the goggles. You’ll begin to see us crop up at Mad Hatter on the 9th, Zuma on the 18th, and then Passport at ASU on the 20th and beyond! Anytime you see a group of Snowdevils, and you wanna join, just come up to us and ask! Big BIG things to come this season, and we hope to see each and every one of you devils there. This year we're going to make sure that every Snowdevil event is exactly what you want it to be: fun, safe, original, and a little bit rowdy. They've done a lot to keep us and other social clubs/orgs down and out, but seeing as we're still around, let's get together and fuckin' send it, yeah?!

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