5th of July Retox Party

Because you've got plans for the 4th, we like to party, it's a Saturday, and the word "retox" tricks me into thinking that's a thing.

So you've done the shooty-boom fireworks thing maybe, perhaps the lake was your deal, or maybe you were just kicking it with the family. Well that's nice. NOW it's time to party like you wanted to: with drinking games a DJ and a pool. Ya know, like it's 1776

This July 5th, we set the precedent for post-holiday celebrations; no more will people look at Boxing Day or... whatever else happens after holidays, they'll look towards this here 5th of July party. I swear. There'll be a BAGS TOURNAMENT and BEER PONG and a POOL and a BOWL to skateboard in! There'll also be beer and snacks (feel free to bring more) and assorted goodies throughout the day. Green Friendly! ;)

To Recap: A Pool, a Bowl, Pong, Bags, Booze, Music, Friends, Fun. Sound like a plan? Of course it does.

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