GFG Open

Oh what, you’ve never played bar golf? Or you have but it’s been a while? Well the Snowdevils and Zuma have got you covered.

Objective: Go to 9 bars (holes) and see what team can get the lowest bar golf score. Winning team wins a trophy and bragging rights for a year. All entry fees and raffle money will be donated to Phoenix Children's Hospital. Prizes will be given to the funniest dressed team and most provocatively dressed team. Golf attire is highly recommended.

Entry Fee: $20 per person ($40 a team) All entry fees will be donated to Phoenix Children Hospital. Entry fee also included 8 raffle tickets to various prizes provided by sponsors.
Start Point: Loco Patron
Ending Point: Zuma Grill
The 9 "holes" include: Loco Patron, Tavern, Gringo Star, Bison Witches, C.A.S.A., World of Beer, Fat Tuesday, Mill Cue Club and Zuma Grill

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