The legendary trip is back!

Join the Snowdevils as we hit our favorite spring break spot in Big Bear, CA! We've got a SICK three story, 20-person cabin right near the lake, complete with entertainment cave, bar, buffalo head, running water, the whole nine! Trip includes food, booze, lodging and transportation via carpool, all for ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLwhatsthat? Oh, sorry.

ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Last year we included lift tickets but a lot of people picked and chose what days they wanted to go, so this year we're letting you grab how many lift passes you want when we get there, all nice and easy like. A 3 day pass will probably ring in around the $150 mark, possibly less, we're looking for deals as you read this. As for any Snowdevils trip, our sponsors will be providing many goodies for us from the likes of Red Bull, Molly Water, RAW Rolling Papers, Beer Bongs for World Peace, Sierra Nevada, and more! So come have fun with your favorite renegades and let's turn up on the slopes!

Click here to RSVP and get your spot reserved!

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