Winter is here Jacuzzi Casanovas! Come to Zuma and get frosty with the kings (and queens) of the mountain as the Snowdevils kick off the ski season!
We may not have a mountain, but that doesn't mean we can't party in the lodge! We're giving Zuma a full snow makeover with shot skis, ice luges, ski films on every TV, themed drink specials, even a snow cone machine! And as if we couldn't have more fun, DJ Chris Villa will be playing "Island in the Sun" and "Baby Got Back" on repeat for the entirety of the party!*

And as if it couldn’t get any better, JASON DEVORE of Authority Zero will be opening the party from 7-10! What more could you want!?

No regrets, that's our motto. That and everybody Wang Chung tonight.
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*Chris Villa will not be playing "Island in the Sun" and "Baby Got Back" on repeat.

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