Everyone's favorite ice-based street-clothed event is back! We got a bit of a short notice on it but hey, that's how things tend to happen.
If you've never heard of Broomball, basically imagine ice hockey but in your street clothes and the stick has a paddle at the end and your job is to keep the 25 players on the other team from taking the big orange ball from you and putting it in your net. Most likely you'll be a little inebriated so that'll help even the playing field.
The night starts at Mad Hatter (on 5th and College) from 7-9. Then we'll hit ZUMA where we'll have a bottle waiting for us before we Uber our asses over to the rink at 10:30! If you're under 21, we'll have something for you to do besides Zuma before linking back up with the group, so don't you worry!
If you just wanna meet us at Oceanside, that's chill too! Non-members will have to throw down a $5 ice fee (cause that shit ain't cheap) but we'll have some party favors there for ya to make sure you don't feel TOO bad about it.

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