Hey Snowdevils!!

On October 26th Crawl2Cure is trying to break the record for number of participants at a bar crawl, put ASU back on the map as a ranked party school, and raise money for the American Cancer Society.

To keep things brief, check out their Facebook page and give it a once over. That'll contain all the info you need. Then when you're ready, click here to sign up. When you do, click "team of 4 or more" then "sign yourself up" and then on the signup page, select "join a team" and find SNOWDEVILS. It IS $25 to participate, but again that money goes to cancer research, as well as getting you a sweet neon tank to spill on and beer tankard to fill up at each stop.

Now, you may have graduated and you may still be in school, you may live far away or just down the street, but this is going to be epic and I personally would love to see Snowdevil alum and current members come together as one and get "responsibly drunk" for science!

Here's a map of the stops:

As you can see, all of Mill is gettin' after it. If you miss out on this... I don't know where your heads at! If you have any questions, feel free to email us or message the coordinators on their FB page.


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