Next Tuesday, the 8th, Red Bull is doing a huge premiere for The Art of Flight on top of the W Hotel in Scottsdale. And by huge, I mean the full red carpet experience, a 35' screen, full surround sound, VIP seating on top of the pool, a special area for SDSC members, and more. And then there's the raffles...

10 (TEN. FUCKIN' TEN) Travis Rice signature Lib Tech boards are up for grabs. Those things go for $600 retail, and they've got the absolute cutting edge in snowboard technology in them. You WILL be the king (or queen) of the mountain, that's for sure. Coupled with a truck-load of Quicksilver gear, passes to Snow Bowl, and a trip for two to the Red Bull Thre3style finals in Vegas, you're looking at walking away with something pretty sick by the end of the night. Did I mention that Vegas trip was all expenses paid? And for those of you who are 21+, there's a Red Bull after-party at the W as well.

Are you in? Obviously. To get into this event, you've gotta have a ticket. Luckily for you, we've got 'em. Come to the booth any time this week (10-2 Monday through Thursday) and get yours before we sell out! They're $20 each, and each ticket sold will in turn help your snow club raise funds to make sure you're able to keep riding on the best mountains and hitting the best events we can throw. 

So come by the booth, shoot me an email, tweet, or carrier pigeon and let's get you to the premiere of what is absolutely the sickest snowboard movie I've seen in... I hesitate to say ever but I'm going to say it. Ever.

Keep Ridin'

PS. If you haven't seen this trailer for the Art of Flight, you've been under a rock the past year.

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