As evidenced by our new video to the right there, Passport to ASU is fast approaching. "Now Kenny" you may be asking, "why should I care? I'm not a freshman!"

Well let me 'splain some shit to you...

Passport to ASU is not just for Freshman (although if you are a freshman, it's pretty important you attend. We want you to be on board right from the beginning so we can make sure you're firmly oriented in the club!) it's for anyone who wants to join the club. We try to do Passport kinda big, so we'll have swag and perhaps some Red Bull [which might involve a treasure map] waiting for you when you come visit. We also want to say hi and welcome you into the new year!

So watch the video on our new facebook page and we hope to see YOU on August 17th!

Oh and "like" that page too, because I hear if you don't, the Shark Hunting Puppies will be taken away from us and thrown into the river, and they're just too gosh darn cute for that. Fun Fact: Shark Hunting Puppies can't swim in fresh water. It's true!

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